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Preparing your home for sale?


Remove the Emotion

Moving can be difficult. Your home holds many memories, but remember without you in it, your home is a house or just a shell. New memories will be made in your next home

A home is about who lives there, not the building. Your next house will feel like home once you personalize it and start to create new memories.



Remove the Personal Items

Remove photographs, heirlooms, and other objects that might distract buyers. Buyers like to envision their own taste in your space. Present them with a clean canvas that they can imagine as their home.

Also, only leave understated furniture that are not a distracting, let them visualize their own furnishings in places where you may not have your current furniture.


Remove the Clutter

We all collect items over the years, but if we haven't used them, we probably don't need them. Remove books and other trinkets, and clean everything off your kitchen counters. Items that you use daily can be tucked away or placed in a closet when they're not in use. This is also a good way to make packing easier when the time comes.


Organize Closets and Cabinets

Storage space is essential to every home buyer and they will check out your closets and cabinets. It's important these are organized as it shows that you take good care of the house.


Rent a Storage Unit 

Homes show better with less furniture, period. Remove furniture that is not essential. Be sure to allow an open feel. Leave the furniture showcases the room's purpose with plenty of room to move around. 


If it’s not Staying, Remove it

If you plan on taking it with you, e.g. lighting fixtures or built-in appliances or furniture. You do not want to tell a potential buyer that an item which is in the house and enhances its appeal is not staying. It may hurt the sale, by appearing you’re non-negotiable on other aspects.


Minor Repairs are Necessary

Fix leaky faucets and squeaky doors. Repair or replace tiles and patch any holes in the walls.  Consider painting walls white. Don't give buyers any reason to remember your home as "the one with…."

Replace light bulbs. Avoid the possibility of a bulb blow out when you flip the light switch during a showing. You don’t want the experience to be a negative one.


Cleaning is Necessary

Consider hiring a professional cleaning crew. Clean everything including windows - inside and out; pressure wash sidewalks and the exterior; caulk windows, tiles, tubs, showers, and sinks; and polish faucets and mirrors. Clean and air out any musty areas.


Curb Appeal

Make the exterior more welcoming. Hire a landscaper to clean up your lawn and shrubs. Hire a contractor to fix any issues to your siding, steps or walkways.


The Final Step 

Imagine how your house will look to potential buyers. Rearrange the furniture until the room achieves an open visual appeal. Make sure art and window coverings hang evenly.


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