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I'm lifting the veil on the "MRT smooth selling process"

That's correct... I'm lifting the veil.... here's the secret... it's the people. That's you, me, the entire Mackenzie Rae Team and all of the other professionals who will work with us to buy, sell or even rent a home or apartment with you.

The Mackenzie Rae Team was formed to bring together professionals with a strong work ethic who embrace technology, but understand and embrace the personal one-on-one experience everyone has with the professionals who help them with their real estate needs.

Our industry is emotional. Moving from a home you have lived in for many years. Buyers moving into their first home to start a new life. Relocating to start a new job and needing to time your sale with a new purchase. 

From our team the MRT Smooth Selling Process was born. 

MRT knows that the real estate process can sometimes be long and complex. Other times there is a need to turn around a transaction in days. There are, however, certain steps we follow to make it as smooth as possible. The first is having the right team to lead you through your unique situation. Every team member is here for your benefit and has a clear understanding of their role and how it benefits every transaction we participate in. 

There is strength in numbers. So we have brought in an inside team to ensure you receive the best possible service and that your real estate transaction goes smooth. Visit our About Us page for more details.



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