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Blog :: 02-2020

The Mackenzie Rae Team (MRT) real estate blog is meant to be a resource for our visitors to learn about the market, find relevant interesting information, learn a bit more about MRT, and hopefully have a bit of fun once in awhile.

Instant Home Sale Offers now available in Brooklyn, Queens and on Long Island

We are really excited about the launch of MRT Real Cash Offers. MRT Real Cash Offers is a natural extension of the services offered to real estate owners in the New York area. There are many reasons sellers need to close quickly and the traditional sales process does not allow for it.

Ever wonder why we price homes with "9s" at the end

salability of real estate

You see it all the time.  Not just in real estate but in almost every sales vertical.  In a joint experiment, MIT and the University of Chicago had three basic prices: $34, $39, and $44. The $39 item sold the best; even better than the cheaper price of $34. Customers sometimes prefer to pay a middle price because it can feel as though [...]