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Moving South? Now may be the best time we have seen in a very long time.

We have been talking about the inventory difference between, our area - Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn, to the real estate market in Florida.'s  Data Analyst Nicolas Bedo (follow him @RDC_Economics) has done a great job breaking down the hardest and easiest places find a home. Free Real Estate Consultation

You'll see the South dominates the list of the easiest places to buy a home right now. 


Unfortunately our market areas are broken down into smaller towns and therefore do not make the list of toughest places to find a place to live, but take it from us, supply is needed.


As we share strategy with our clients we always like to remind them to think about long term. Is it better to sell now, when inventory and mortgage rates are low? Usually yes, but how's the inventory where you're moving to? If you would like a complimentary consultation, contact us to set up a time and we would be happy to discuss your unique plans.