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Interested in the Numbers?

Are you interested in Average and Median Sales Price? We are. Maybe supply and demand is your thing.  Ours too. How about Absorption time? Interesting right? 

Choosing the best price to list your home or the amount you offer on a property might be the hardest part of selling or buying a home - comparing your home with other similar homes is the only way to truly determine the right price. If you have done your research, I’m sure you have been hearing a lot of news and information regarding the current real estate conditions. While those reporters may be doing their jobs, they are not, after all, the experts.

We have been helping our clients for years, and as seasoned professionals we study local economic conditions in every neighborhood. Whether you're buying, selling, renting or investing the market can work in your favor. Our strategies are equipped to get your home sold, or find you the perfect new home, in all market conditions because we tailor each client’s plan for their specific needs.

If you would like to learn more about your town's selling conditions or talk about the opportunities we see in this market, give us a call email us ( so that we can set up a time to talk.

We provide the latest data directly from the MLS to keep you informed about your neighborhood's real estate market and how it's performing. Active and Closed listings as well as the Absorption time will help you know your competition. We provide both Median and Average Selling as well as Listing Price, to help you understand the discount from list price and finally, we provide Supply & Demand, so you can see the seasonality changes for your Town.

Check out the newest Market Data pages of our Website. 

Real Estate Market Data | Long Island Market Data | Queens Market Data | Brooklyn Market Data

We are adding more towns everyday. So if your town is not represented contact us and we get the data to you.