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Why Do People Move

Over the past five years there have been approximately 28,000 homes sold on Long Island, on average each year and nearly 60% of the US population moves every year. Ever wonder why? We look at some of the reasons people have for moving.

The folks at crunched some data.

As expected, many of those moves are to a new house in the same area, but there are three main reasons people move, and two secondary reasons.

Moving Advise from the Mackenzie Rae Team at Century 21 American Homes

First, for Family. Many people move to be closer to family, and some to get away.

Second, for Work. It’s interesting to note people are moving to and away from areas with booming job markets like Texas, North Carolina and Florida gaining residents, while states with sluggish job markets lose population. The type of work available in these areas is also interesting to look at, with tech, healthcare, financial services, and bio and life sciences drawing large numbers of people.

Third, Cost of Living. Areas with a low cost of living and low taxes are a draw. Towns with strong park districts, lots of entertainment options, and highly rated schools attract young adults and families, even when they have slightly higher taxes or cost of living.

Secondary reasons include Climate or Environment. Movers consider these an added bonus: If you are retiring or can get the right job, wouldn’t you rather have a climate and environment you love; like the mountains or beaches or even a city pad you’ve always dreamed of?

A New Start. These can be young adults who move to a new metro area, or retirees moving to embrace the life they’ve always wanted.

Whatever your reason for moving, and no matter where you move to, you will need a strong team behind you.

The Mackenzie Rae Team helps hundreds of buyers and sellers across Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn every year. Coupled with the reach of Century 21 Real Estate, Global Division, the MRT Relocation Program helps sellers to get to know their new community, no matter where in the world, before they step foot in their new home. Contact us for a complimentary consultation. We would love to start working toward your goals together.

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