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Blog :: 09-2020

The Mackenzie Rae Team (MRT) real estate blog is meant to be a resource for our visitors to learn about the market, find relevant interesting information, learn a bit more about MRT, and hopefully have a bit of fun once in awhile.

What Does Tesla's Battery Day Have To Do With Real Estate?

Mackenzie Rae Team | Tesla's Road to 1,000,000 Cars

These homebuyers are arriving in hybrid and electric vehicles and homes already upgraded for them is, in many cases, the tipping point for them.


Their goal is to make electric cars cheaper than a gas car, require less maintenance, and does not pollute. That, they believe, would be the tipping point for mass [...]

Record breaking mortgage rates are great for buyers and sellers

Mackenzie Rae Team | Real Estate Inventory Recovery Chart

The record breaking mortgage rates we saw pre-pandemic have continued to fall, and this is great news for buyers and sellers.  Let me explain...

Sellers often do not consider mortgage rates when selling their home, unless they are currently looking to upgrade themselves, which incidentally we are seeing a lot of right now. Sellers, however, [...]