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What Does Tesla's Battery Day Have To Do With Real Estate?

Tesla's car division wants to produce 20m cars/year, they are currently at around 500k. Mackenzie Rae Team | Tesla's Road to 1,000,000 Cars

Do you think they can do it? SpaceX is a great example that they get things done.

Their goal is to make electric cars cheaper than a gas car, require less maintenance, and does not pollute. That, they believe, would be the tipping point for mass adoption of electric vehicles.

So what does that have to do with real estate? Charging stations and solar panels are making their way into our property descriptions more and more. As homeowners are looking at ways to both upgrade their home while save costs, these are two options that, dare I say...        can pay for themselves.

Mackenzie Rae Team | Home Solar Panel Charging Station

Electric, like most things, is not getting less expensive, unless you can produce your own, and more home buyers want to be eco-friendly. These homebuyers are arriving in hybrid and electric vehicles and homes already upgraded for them is, in many cases, the tipping point for them.

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