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Research says Buyer’s typically start looking online about 6 months prior to contacting an agent or going to open houses. MRT says “start sooner”. There is a lot that goes into getting into a new home. In fact, there is an entire checklist of things you must consider and a consultative support person is great to have on your team. 


When you work with MRT as your exclusive buyer’s agent we do the legwork for you. Everything is complimentary, we just ask that if you decide to work with us, you agree to work with us exclusively as your agent.



There are benefits...


  • We match you with an area expert who will work with you throughout your transaction.
  • Our internal team will search MLS’s, FSBO’s, New Construction and more to find your next home.
  • We stay objective, so we can review the good and bad of every home.
  • We'll review all due diligence inspections and contingencies with you.
  • We will prepare a market analysis so you can determine an appropriate offering price.
  • We’ll use our negotiating skills to present your offer once you’re ready


Create an Account and start your search.  When you’re ready, just let us know and we will schedule a consultation meeting and begin viewing homes with you.