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MRT NUBO Program

THE NUBO ™ PROGRAM (National Unoccupied Borrower Outreach) Has successfully bridged the gap between borrower and bank in high-risk, vacant property scenarios. NUBO specifically is a solution driven initiative to help the owners of unoccupied properties throughout the country insulate from liability and fast track into recovery. 


NUBO™ Is Completely Risk Free and does Not Cost you a Penny!

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Walking away is not the solution! Walking away from a Vacant Property still places all of the risk and liability on you.


Risk & Liabilities:
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Fire & Vandalism
  • Violations
  • Taxes & HOAs
  • Destroyed Credit
  • Deficiency Judgment
  • Bill Collector Calls


Getting This Property Out Of Your Name:

  • Removes you from being a target for frivolous lawsuits
  • Avoids foreclosure
  • Escapes having to battle your own insurance company
  • Ends the stress and uncertainty
  • Stops the collection calls
  • Avoids violations, taxes, & HOAs stacking up in your name personally
  • Springboards & speeds your credit recovery timeframes
  • Grants an opportunity to negotiate down or away deficiency judgments
  • Awards a possible cash-for-cooperation incentive
  • Allows you to begin rebuilding your life

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