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There are many reasons for selling a home. Life Events, New Job Location or Financial Hardship and sometimes you need to quickly and efficiently manage the sale. Here’s a fast out - Mackenzie Rae Team Instant Offers

The Mackenzie Rae Team provides you the most convenient way to sell your home. We remove the obstacles so you close quickly.


Because we are a team of local Real Estate Sales Professionals who know the market and work with many investors. We are ready to assess the value of your home, and provide you a competitive all-cash offer.


No matter your situation or the home's condition, just tell us a little about your home and we will provide you an all-cash offer.


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We're here to help. Call or text us at 646 846 8509 and we will break down the process and provide you an easy to follow timeline. We can also help you understand what your options are. We look forward to helping you.



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