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Get organized and Snag That Apartment

  • For a typical application you will need your last two years of tax returns, proof of employment (pay stub) and a bank statement.

Get it right

  • Be sure to review all of your rental application documents carefully before signing.

Tell the Truth

  • Low credit does not immediately eliminate you from a rental, but be honest.

Contact The Mackenzie Rae Team

  • Our team can reduce roadblocks and use our provide a clear path to your next home.

The Basic Steps

Call or text us at 646 846 8509, to begin your process.

We will review:

  • Your housing location, needs and timing
  • Market conditions
  • The application process and requirements
  • Answer questions 

We will then set you up for listing alerts, where you can select properties that meet your needs. We will schedule viewings and accompany you.

Once we find your new apartment, we will walk you through the entire application process and requirements.


The Application Requirements

Most landlords will require proof of income to cover the monthly rent. Please keep in mind requirements are not standardized and will vary. Property management companies have historically asked for the following documents, however the requirements for your lease will be specified by the landlord at the time of application and are not the requirements of Century 21 American Homes. If you have any questions regarding a landlord's requirement, you are encouraged to ask.

  • Proof of source(s) of income or ability to pay rent
  • Fully completed and signed application
  • Bank account information 
  • Letter or names and contact information of previous landlords.
  • Letter or names and contact information of personal and business references
  • Two years of Tax returns
  • Valid personal identification with photograph – e.g., driver's license or passport

What’s Next

After review of your documents, the landlord will determine if the application will be accepted. Once it is accepted, they will outline the final payments due at lease signing. The approval process can vary from one (1) day to one (1) month.

Note: Renting in a condominium or co-op can mean higher application fees as well as possible board approval.